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Atticus R7

6.5 meters

50+ knots


The ChallEnge

We wanted to create a series of high quality fully welded aluminium boats that was not only made for the pro angler, but also for the entire family. A boat that not only outperforms the competition in fishing tournaments, but is also great the next day while enjoying water sports with the family, something we felt the market really was missing.

An interior design that reminds you of a luxury sportcar

The interior of aluminium boats are often boring and quite uninviting. This is something we wanted to change. The Atticus R7 comes loaded with smart designs and layouts, creating the perfect driving and passenger experience. The driver’s side also has plenty of storage and room for 2 integrated 12 inch plotters.

Perfect for family
and friends

The boat is approved for up to 7 adults. The flip-up seats in the rear accommodate 4-5 adults. When folding up the large dining table and biminitop you can easily enjoy hours in the sun with a large company of friends and family.

The swimming platform in the back is the biggest in its class, making it super easy to get in and out of the water, unhooking fish, or getting on and off your wakeboard.

Smart designs and layouts

Atticus offers the perfect driving and passenger experience

It's all about the details

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Aluminum 5083 5mm at bottom and 4mm on side

Hidden Driving Canopy / Bimini Top storage

Flip Up Bench

Livewell and refrigerator

Tempered tinted 6mm glass

The largest castingdeck in its class

The largest rodstorage in its class with up to 30 rods

Self draining front and aft throwing deck

Strengthening electric engine platform


Doubble hull design

Custom builds

At Atticus Boats, we take pride in helping you realize your dream boat swiftly and seamlessly. With our dedicated design team and efficient service, your vision will come to life within a timeframe of just 6-12 months.

smart design and the perfect driving and passenger experience

If you are a dealer or private customer and want to know more, don't hesitate to contact us for more information.