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Atticus R6

coming summer 2024

Atticus R6

coming summer 2024

Atticus R7

5.9 meters

45+ knots



The Atticus R6 will come in several different layouts. Don’t hesitate to ask any of our sales representatives, and we will make the layout to suit your needs the best.


We only use very experienced welders and our team always double checks every single weld twice. This way we can offer the highest quality and durability for you and your family.

Hull Design

The most important part: the hull! The people behind Atticus have combined over 30 years of experience from different motorboats and various hull designs. Bringing all of this experience together enabled us to not only create a hull that was both fast and easy out of the water, but also a hull that could handle the big wavy seas.


Storage storage storage! One important key for every fisherman and family out there. You can’t get enough, but we think we’ve managed. On top of that we added ventilated storage, drawers for easy access, extra sealed/dry lockers, storage for up to 15 pieces of 9 feet rod storage.


We spent a lot of time optimizing the speed and stability of the hull. There is no 5,9m boat on the market that rides this stable in speeds up to 45 knots.

Model: Atticus R6
Length: 5,9m
Width: 2,30m
Weight: 900kg
Engine: 115-175hp
Top speed range: 37-45 knots +
Fuel tank: 150 liter
Draft: 0,35m


Two years of design, engineering and testing to achieve perfection on every single inch on R-series.

Engine Choice

The Atticus R6 comes with an engine choice of 115-175hp. Top speed with a 175hp is approximately 37knots with a cruising speed of 25-30 knots. With the 175hp the top speed will reach over 50knots with a cruising speed of 30-40 knots. We work with all the major outbaordbrands and can custom order the engine of your choice.


For electronics we work closely with Garmin, Humminbird and Minnkota. We work with high quality lithium batteries from Custom Electric. These batteries are also made to handle the toughest environments. For starting batteries we offer both AGM and lithium. We can also custom order and rig the boat if you prefer other brands.


The boat comes in a variety of colors. We recommend a wrap on the hull side and a custom paint on the inside. If there is anything that we don’t have on our extra equipment list don’t hesitate to contact us. We can get your Atticus boat rigged just the way you want it.

What we strived for and achieved

  • A hull design made for quick handling and rough seas
  • Fast getting up on plane with practically no bow tipping
  • Largest volume of storage in its class
  • Largest fishing deck in the market
  • Larger battery department that can fit up to 7 batteries with ample space remaining
  • Affordable – fully handcrafted aluminium boat at a price point well below the competitors
  • Cool breathing materials that accommodate any colors
  • Built-in refrigerator for long days or weekends with family and friends
  • Built to make large waves at lower speeds for wakeboard and water sport adventures
  • Large livewell options
  • Largest swimming platform in its class in order to get in and out in the water while swimming or enjoying water sports

smart design and the perfect driving and passenger experience

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